Pictures Of Engagement Rings On Fingers

Pictures of engagement rings on fingers. Kareena kapoor with nose ring

Pictures Of Engagement Rings On Fingers

pictures of engagement rings on fingers

    engagement rings

  • Especially in Western cultures, an engagement ring is a ring indicating that the person wearing it is engaged to be married. In the United Kingdom, and North America, engagement rings are traditionally worn only by women, and rings can feature gemstones.
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  • A ring given by a man to a woman when they agree to marry


  • (picture) visualize: imagine; conceive of; see in one’s mind; “I can’t see him on horseback!”; “I can see what will happen”; “I can see a risk in this strategy”
  • A photograph
  • A painting or drawing
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  • A portrait
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  • Each of the four slender jointed parts attached to either hand (or five, if the thumb is included)
  • A part of a glove intended to cover a finger
  • (finger) the length of breadth of a finger used as a linear measure
  • A measure of liquor in a glass, based on the breadth of a finger
  • (finger) feel or handle with the fingers; “finger the binding of the book”
  • (finger) any of the terminal members of the hand (sometimes excepting the thumb); “her fingers were long and thin”

FP IMAGE 4356797/FP SET 4356742

FP IMAGE 4356797/FP SET 4356742
#4356797 EXCLUSIVE… PLEASE CONTACT FAME FOR PERMISSION FOR WEB USE…Showing unabashed public affection, a swimsuit-clad Javier Bardem and bikini beauty Penelope Cruz enjoy each other on the beaches of Brazil Wednesday afternoon. Splashing around and groping each other like lustful teenagers definitely confirms their still blossoming romance, but questions still loom about their alleged engagement or whether Penelope is with child. The actors are notoriously private but Cruz’s beach body suggests a hint of baby bump and her ring finger is adorned with a beautiful ring so prying eyes can draw their own conclusions.
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Ailill (beauty)

Ailill (beauty)
Jesse is my ultimate source of beauty. This is one of my favorite recent pictures of Jesse, so I chose this one to be called "Ailill", his nickname of endearment. His red hair marks his Irish origin and the ring seen on his finger marks our engagement.
pictures of engagement rings on fingers
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